Jumaat, 30 Oktober 2009

Mutiara Hidup - Jangan lupa doakan Ibu-Bapa Kita.

Dato' Dr. Fazilah Kamsah pernah berkata..... .

" setiap pagi sedekahkan al-fatihah kepada kedua ibu bapamu ( tak kira
masih hidup @ telah tiada )".......... nescaya pintu rezekimu akan terbuka
buat kamu...

Berdasarkan Hadith Nabi :
"Tidak akan terputus rezeki seseorang selagi dia tidak meninggalkan doa
kepada kedua orang tua nya dalam sehari"

Huraian hadith:
- jangan sesekali meninggalkan doa kepada kedua ibubapa (baik yang hidup
mahupun yang sudah tiada )
- Allah akan memurahkan rezeki kepada mereka yang tidak putus berdoa
kepada kedua ibu bapa (walaupun ada ibu bapa yang leka, doakan agar
mereka berubah)
- Ingatlah bahawa keredhaan ibu bapa adalah keredhaan Allah
- Semasa berdoa, berdoalah dengan bersungguh2. ...tadah tangan dan
bayangkan wajah kedua orang tua kita , termasuk guru2 kita dan mereka
yang banyak menolong kita (berdoa perlu benar2 bersungguh2)
- Mereka yang lupa berdoa kepada kedua orang tua, akan disempitkan rezeki
oleh Allah

- Bagi yang berniaga, tak perlu ada ilmu pelaris..... . Cuma jangan lupa
doakan ibu bapa kita setiap hari
- Rezeki bukan sahaja berupa wang ringgit, tetapi segala nikmat yang kita
dapat dari Allah (e.g. makan, kesihatan, kasih sayang, ilmu dsb nya..)
Berusaha dan bertawakal.. ...insyallah , rezeki itu bukan kerana ada sijil SPM,
(kata Azmil Mustapha)... ..Mari kita cuba
.Allahhuakhbar. ..

Insya Allah
Allahu Akbar !

Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

One night Family stay at Four Season Langkawi...

12/10/2009 is my hubby birthday. So he choose to used the complimentary one night stay that gave by Four Season to their staff on that day. How do i feel, heehheehe sure excited, the kids also excited. So, we checked in at 2pm ,welcomed by the staff started by cool towel then the welcomed drink is served. A mixture of ginger and lime juice decorated with an orchid. Ulalala.

I was amazed by the view at the lounge, a pool with a hut in it, together with the coconut tree. Tranquility.......peaceful...

Because the room need to be ready in 15 minute, the children was offered to went to the kids club. We are welcomed by Mundiana as the caretakers at the Four season kids club that day.They had their fun playing with all the toys. The kids club is spacious beautiful room surrounded by glass.
They have toys and activities for kids, books to read, tv for kids entertainment,outside they also have sand pool waited for the kids to jump in. We decided to let the kids to play there for about nearly an hour.Then We taken to our room with a baggy ride.

My first impression on the landscaped and the architecture.....they really did a good job. You won't realize there is a beautiful hotel situated there even if you're at the road side, if you didn't walk in to see it by yourself.
The landscaped is beautiful surrounded by trees and plants. The road is tiled up with rounded river rock.

And when we arrived at the room, my heart dropped out and falls in love with the spacious room facing garden. You can just sit at the balcony and sip your coffee admired the view from the garden. there is no window but a sliding glass door and wall surrounded the room.
We had the large and thick bed, and the kids got their spare bed. Good for mommy and daddy huh..heheheh. In malaleuka room the bath room is separated with the toilet.

The sink is the centerpiece. Who can imagined that, a sink as a big centerpiece, with a big mirror and small sided round mirror. Two big lamp are hang at both side. Creative and smart.

Guess what else we have in the room, a private Jacuzzi in a small beautiful garden. Yeayyyyyyyy...
Time to have a splash in the Jacuzzi. The kids enjoyed it very much and the parent too...of course.
With a big smile on my face.

After that we went out to explore the resort. The pool is facing the white sandy beach,there is no word to tell you but you can see the from photos that we took.

That night we had our dinner at Ikan-ikan restaurant. A Malay style restaurant serve Asian food. We ordered Chicken satay and The appetizer sampler as our starter, Deep fried Garaupa with tamarind sauce, prawn masak lemak, kangkung belacan and nasi goreng as the main dish.
Ice cream as dessert for the kids. I can't go for dessert anymore because I am really full.
The atmosphere at Ikan-ikan is overwhelming and relaxing. The staff is attentive and helpful.

We back to the room with happy face and satisfied stomach.

In the morning we had our buffet breakfast at The Serai cafe. With wide range of food, everythings is there,just waited for you to choose. After that the kids decided to went to the kids club, and the parent choosed to biking around the resort compound and lepak by the pool facing the blue ocean. Hmmm...the view is breathtakings.

We check out at 3pm. Thank you Four Season Langkawi for the complimentary stay, all the staff which is so friendly, helpful,attentive and warmth. One day is not enough to explore every facilities that provided by the resort. They also have spa,gift shops,gim,Rhu Bar, cafe kelapa and many more.

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